Friday, October 1, 2010

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey Summer 2008 Members Show

The New Jersey Visual Arts Center in Summit, NJ has an annual Members Show in the summertime.  Here are some pieces from the exhibition.  More about the Visual Arts Center HERE.

Hand-made book from artist Joan Goldsmith entitled "Havens for Dreaming."  The book was incredible, especially in its binding.  See more of her work here HERE.
Rae Clauser "Untitled"
Marianne Tarmy "Mask"
Susan Holford "Will You Play?"
Marc D'Agusto "Landing"
Elisa Kessler-Caporale "Keeping an Eye on Your Idols?  Idol n. any object of ardent or excessive devotion."  Love the wrapped copper detailing here.
Debra F. Livingston "Blur"
Stephan Catron "Bits and Pieces of Life and Death"
Ralph Garafola "Clown"
Mindy M. Kardan "Sweet Illusions"
Daryl Lancaster "Surviver."  This whole piece is woven, not a photograph as it seems.
Meryl Bronstein "Meditation"
Pearl Sandra Werner "Moonlit in Tahiti"
Bernice Chin "Kaleidoscope"
Susan Howard "Heart to Heart"
Florence Wint "Evening Thief"
Reminds me of Mexican "Dio de Los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) Imagery.  See some HERE.  And HERE...bought one of these skulls in Venice beach.
Joel M. Katz "Visions of Hope"
Shirley W. Rivo "Traffic Jam."  It reminds me of fiery stained glass.
This bust makes me feel very uncomfortable.  It's like a creepier, shinier version of Meryl Streep.
Debby Mainkaro "Mother and Child."  Classic "Pieta" figure.  See Michelangelo's "Pieta" HERE.
Esther Lee "Colorful Autumn"
 Dylan Glasser "Phantom of the Opera" (age 10)
 Matthew Brown "Rainbow Tea Party" (age 6).  My favorite, obviously.  :)
 Some of the photography of the artwork is not ideal, I apologize for that.
 Very old school-jazz feel.

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