Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880-1938).  Known for his paintings and prints.  Has lots of paintings documenting Berlin, especially its nightlife (prostitutes).  He often portrays stylized figures that are tall and angular.  He had a great exhibit at the MoMA in fall of 2008 called "Kirchner and the Berlin Street" that was all about this...I highly, highly, recommend looking at this (Kirchner MoMA).  More: Kirchner MoMA 2.  In fact, I believe the CalArts Library has an exhibition catalog from "The Berlin Street" exhibit.

The book I found focuses more on Kirchner's prints and graphic work, which definitely serves as a precursor to Noir.

 Mountain Melancholy (Self-Portrait), 1928-9
 Women on the Potsdamer Platz, 1914-5
 Seated Dancer, 1914
 Fights (Peter Schlemihl), 1915
 The Cowherd, 1917
 Head of Van del Velde (Light), 1917
Humphrey Bogart, anyone?
Head of Ludwig Schames, 1918

To view more of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's work, please visit my Flickr page HERE.

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