Friday, October 1, 2010

Tim Burton @ MoMA

What an incredible show.  First of all, I'm amazed that Tim Burton had work at the MoMA at just seemed weird (but fantastic) to have him show work in such a fine art setting.  To view the MoMA exhibition page click HERE.  The best part of the exhibit were all of his fantastic pre-production drawings.  Most of the show consisted of these drawings, early works (including films, even some work from his student days at CalArts), props, and costume items.  I am grateful that they left his new-CGI work out of it.  It's much less interesting (in my opinion) than the rest of it.  But I have a bit of a beef with Tim Burton over his CGI work, so we'll save that for real-life conversations rather than explaining it here.  

Here are some photos that I took the first time I saw the exhibit, even though photography was not allowed.  They kept telling me so.
(and I really mean it)
I also got yelled at for touching it.  (But I'm always getting yelled at in museums.)
To view a sampling of the art inside click HERE.  There are tons and tons of images to be found and possibly I will post more at a later date.  But if you Google this exhibit you're sure to find the tons.

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