Friday, October 8, 2010

Emil Nolde

Emil Nolde (1867-1956).  Emil Nolde specialized in oil and watercolor paintings but was also known for his unique use of Aquarelles, or water soluble crayons.  Like other artists of the time, he also worked with woodcuts.  His work shows poignant use of color, which was greatly influenced by his love for Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.

These books in German are a good test of my high school language learning as I attempt to translate :)

 "Dame in rotem Kleid (Woman in Red Shirt)," 1907
 "Geburtstag der Windmühle (The Windmill's Birthday)," 1918
 "Juden (Boys)"
 "Zwei junge Mädchen (Two Young Ladies)"
for some reason this reminds me of anime
(especially the figure on the left)
 "Roter Mohn (Red Poppies)"
 "Tier und Weib (Animal and Woman)"
maybe it's a monkey, but she reminds me of a mermaid
 "Jesus bei den Schriftgelehrten (Jesus by the Bible Studiers)"
 "Männerportrait (Portrait of a Man)"
 "Wabenkröten (Toads)"
 "Uraltes Paar II (Old Couple)"
literally, "ancient" couple
"Schullehrer (School Teacher)," 1896
 "Maske der Energie (Mask of Energy)," 1896
 "'Höhlenweib' Faschingsplakaat nach Kohlezeichnung von," 1896
("'Cavewoman'" Carnival Poster Drawn in Charcoal")
 "Schlittschuhläufer I (Ice Skaters I)," 1908
(literally, "snow shoe runners")
 "Schlittschuhläufer II (Ice Skaters II)," 1908
 "Tanzerin (Dancer)," 1910-1
"Maskenstilleben (Mask Still Life)," 1911

To view more work from Emil Nolde, please visit my Flikr account HERE.

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