Friday, October 1, 2010

The Armory, Spring 2008

In Spring 2008, my friend Katie invited me to go to the Armory Show with her at Pier 92 (or 94).  Find out more about the annual Armory Shows HERE.  Basically, it was this huge art show with tons of amazing art set up in the piers on the west side.  Only wrote down a few of the artist's names, but here is a sampling of some of the work we saw.

Literally, exploding flowers.  This photograph was taken in one take.  ONE!  That's so crazy!!!  There were several variations on this composition.

This reminds me of old 1930s animated cartoons.  Like, Felix the Cat era.
Batik-like Rorschach tapestry. 

Fantastic oozing glass structures.

Kind of hated this one, but I'm posting everything.
Noir-ish, yes?
There were several versions of these.

Love the four below, even though they're kind of disturbing.  Found the artist.  Brad Kahlhamer.  Pieces titled "Rapid City Tanning & Spa," "Audrey England," "Northern Chapter LTD," "Rapid City Rubbish" (I think, not positive about this one).  All watercolor or paper.  See more work HERE.

Mostly made of sequins and acrylic paint.  This was part of a painting that was probably at least 20 feet wide.
Love dem Pop Art-inspired paper cacti.
The vase is wearing shoes :)

These are fantastic!  I really wish I new the artist's name!  Pay close attention to the text, some of it is pretty hilarious!

Nails in the wall.

Keiichi Tanaami "Silence of Waves."  More HERE.

Fake desserts, covered in fake dead bugs.

Very R. Crumb-esce.  More about R. Crumb HERE

Rob Thom "Big Sorry."  More of his work HERE.
Very spidery.  Love the shadows.

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