Friday, October 1, 2010

Names & MoMA, etc

In late August of 2009, the MoMA had this really interesting installation.  Everyone who entered the room had to write their name at the level of their height.  So, the entire room is filled with "height signatures," which created this beautiful visual science experiment.

Just found the exhibit page on the MoMA website: HERE.

Exhibit entrance.
From the opposite corner of the room.
Standing very near to the corner.
 The wall where I wrote my name.
 The amazing thing is, even though I wrote my name RIGHT THERE, after I removed my finger even though I kept looking in the exact same place, I was unable to relocate my name.

Other sweet findings of the day:

These great sinewy, spiderwebby, eyeball-y installations.  For a moment I forgot whether they were flat on the wall (because the photographs give the illusion of such), but I see now that they cast a shadow on the tile floor.  It's almost like walking into a 3-D collage.

Random paintings I appreciated at the time:

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